Fortune Management provides an unparalleled combination of training and coaching for your team. Over the course of our two year management course, your entire team will attend five, two-day workshops led by the most skilled facilitators in the country. During these workshops, your team will receive training in all areas vital to running a smart, successful business.
I. Session One – Foundations of Practice Mastery

  • Vision Workshop
  • Create Team Agreements
  • Setting Practice Goals
  • The Elements of Life Mastery
  • The Power of Purpose
  • Team Huddles and Checklists
  • Production/Collections goals and strategies
  • Recare & Reactivation
II. Session Two – Communication & Relationship Mastery

  • Becoming a Master Communicator
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Reality Check/Quality Request/Quality Response
  • Reality Bridge
  • Monitor Results/Bonus System/BAM
  • Correction Format
  • Maximization of Human Capital
  • Successful Chart Audits and Scripting
III. Session Three – Marketing & Enrollment Mastery

  • Branding/Identity
  • Social Media/Internet
  • External & Internal Marketing
  • Modalities/Metaprograms/Sensory Acuity/Matching-Mirroring
  • New Patient Interview/Role Play
  • New Patient Experience
  • Five Steps to Enrollment
  • Handling Objections
IV. Session Four – The Roadmap to Practice Mastery

  • The Power of Proactivity
  • Team Discovery Process Workshop
  • Financial Discussion—Income/Expense Reports
  • Target Board & Time Economics
  • Scheduling to Goal Efficiency
  • Advanced Recare & Reactivation
  • Sourcing & Accountability
  • Advanced Leadership & Coaching Skills
V. Session Five – Wealth Mastery

  • Money and Belief Systems
  • Master Secrets of Financial Freedom
  • Creating Financial Mastery
  • Investing and the Power of Compounding
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mastering the Phases of Your Practice
  • Creating Consistent Results
  • Financial Goal Setting
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